Creativity is King in The Workplace

In these unpredictable times, many CEOs turn to their qualities of integrity, discipline and vision to help them persevere – but, surprisingly, executives recently honored by Fast Company have focused on becoming the “100 Most Creative People in Business” echoing IBM’s prior finding that creativity is now considered the most important factor for the future success of CEOs.

Creativity is not a genetic leadership quality bestowed on one leader but not another – rather, it stems from an attitude that can be learned and developed by anyone once they are supported by a creative environment.

Leaders should focus on allowing their natural creativity — and that of their colleagues — to emerge.  The originality and imagination of each employee can arise and be expressed much more easily when the proper conditions for creativity are provided.  To some, creativity may seem like a supernatural gift or some mysterious force, but at our team-building events, we have seen that once people start creating, they can learn the creative process and make creativity an accessible personal asset.

Stride Rite's Finance Group at The Paint Bar

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